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Based on the original research in Hungary, Transylvania, Germany, France, Russia, China, USA, Israel

What Will You Learn Here?

  • How to understand pictures as the best experts do. 
  • The “anatomy” of lines: The key to understanding psychological meaning of any lines in any drawing, scribble, or painting
  • The psychological significance of scribbles: What is the greatest advantage of scribbles to thematic drawings? A unique collection of best methods for scribble techniques and interpretation.
  • The eight types of family drawings and paintings. What are the different techniques? Which one should be applied in which case? What are the hidden meanings they disclose? Emotional and developmental indicators.
  • Projective Mother-and-Child drawings, The Sixty-Second Drawing Test, and much more...

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About the author

  • Prof. Zoltan Vass, PhD is University Professor of Psychology and Head of the Faculty of the Psychology of Visual Expression, Károli University, Budapest.
  • He has published over 20 books and 400 scientific articles in 7 languages.
  • His method of Seven-Step Configuration Analysis (SSCA) awarded several scientific prices.
  • On SSCA, 7 scientific symposia were organized.
  • It has led to the establishment of 3 accredited clinical trainings and a postgraduate faculty with a total of 1622 participants.
  • It is taught or referenced in 152 courses in Hungary, Transsylvania, Germany, France, Russia, China, Israel etc.

International appraisals

Prof. Dr. Diane Waller MA(RCA) DPhil, FRSA, OBE

Emeritus Professor of Art Psychotherapy, Goldsmiths, University of London

“This is an extraordinary work
different from the work already in the public domain in that it proposes a new, much more complex approach to the interpretation of drawings and paintings"

“It opens up avenues
on the long-debated efficacy of projective drawing as diagnostic and therapeutic tools"

Prof. Catherine T. L. SUN

Professor & Head, Department of Counselling and Psychology, Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Prof. Dr. Carlos R. Hojaij

Clínica Psiquiatria Biológica Brasil, São Paulo

“Fantastic (!!!) ... No doubt it does deserve a world wide publication, for it will be very useful to so many professionals researching and working in art therapy and any one interested in expression and psychology"

Institute of Projective Drawings